The race to save endangered foods

Here’s a stat for you: In 1903, seed catalogs offered American farmers a choice of 307 varieties of sweet corn. Today, just 12 of those varieties are still commercially available. A similar trend is visible in China, where more than 90 percent of native wheat varieties have been lost, and in Mexico, which has lost more than 80 percent of the varieties of maize, or corn, that were once grown there.

The rise of meatless meat, explained

2019 has been an incredible year for a niche industry: alternative meats.First, Impossible Foods, a leading creator of plant-based meatlike burgers, announced the Impossible Burger 2.0, an improved recipe over previous meat substitutes that tastes, well, a lot meatier. In April, Burger King announced the launch of the Impossible Whopper, Qdoba said it would make Impossible Meat bowls and tacos available at all of its US locations, and Del Taco announced it would offer Beyond Meat’s beef alternative.