The Catholic Church is still silent on gender identity issues. It’s left trans Catholics in limbo.

He converted to Catholicism eight years ago and chose the confirmation name Thomas, after the English saint Thomas More, who died for the unity of the Catholic Church. He is the kind of person who meets a priest for coffee and within 10 minutes is asked if he has considered becoming a priest. At age 34, he has multiple degrees in theology, works for a church-run nonprofit, and hands out Communion every Sunday at his parish.

This Cohen hearing fight was everything wrong with how America talks about “racism”

Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday generally did not reflect well on the character of President Donald Trump. He accused Trump of committing crimes while in office; lying to the public about his business dealings in Russia and tacitly encouraging Cohen to do the same; and ordering Cohen to bully Trump’s alma maters out of releasing his school records.

The conservative movement was destined to produce Trump

Was the conservative movement destined to produce someone like Donald Trump? Corey Robin, a political theorist at Brooklyn College, says yes, and the latest edition of his book The Reactionary Mind is an attempt to prove it. Robin argues that conservatism, from its very beginning, has been a sustained effort to mobilize elites and the masses against what he calls “the emancipation of the lower orders.”

Why the way we talk about Yalitza Aparicio’s journey to the Oscars matters

Less than a year ago, Yalitza Aparicio was an unknown preschool teacher from a small town in Mexico. Now Aparicio, who was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, is a red-carpet regular whose style and unexpected rise to fame often make headlines. Vogue predicted that the 25-year-old actress is “about to emerge as a true fashion icon.” Fashionista called her a “style star to watch.” Her Golden Globes look, a silky baby pink Prada dress, got her a spot on a handful of best-dressed lists, including Glamour’s and the Cut’s. And tonight at the Oscars, Aparicio wore another pastel, princessy gown: a tulle seafoam green dress with a sparkly bodice by Rodarte.