Betsy Devos is still struggling to explain cuts to Special Olympics funding

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is struggling to defend the Trump administration’s proposal to cut funding for the Special Olympics from the federal budget — an idea that triggered a ferocious backlash this week among Democrats, celebrities, and sports personalities. Many Republicans have refrained from weighing in, though one GOP senator reassured the public that the cuts wouldn’t be approved.

The Green New Deal and the case against incremental climate policy

The public debate over the Green New Deal has taken on a surreal quality. The non-binding resolution to address the dual crises of climate change and growing inequality introduced to Congress last month is just 14 pages long. Yet the debate has been dominated by phantasms and lurid projections, all sorts of things imagined to be in the GND, or imagined to be prohibited by it, e.g. cars and airplanes. The reality of what’s on those pages has made only glancing appearances.

Foreign aid to Central America is in limbo because officials are afraid of Trump

On Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen signed a regional compact with officials from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to conduct joint police operations and fight unauthorized migration. On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump was (once again) blaming those same three countries, as well as Mexico, for the record levels of unauthorized migration of families into the US.