Current Date: December 3, 2021
dailyrater Posted on 10:15 pm

Snowbird investigation focusing on possible bird strike before fatal crash

Canadian air force crash private investigators are considering a bird strike as the possible root cause of the accident of a Snowbird demo jet in Kamloops, British Columbia last month.

The crash eliminated Capt. Jenn Casey, the public affairs officer for the aerobatics group.

In an initial record provided Monday, private investigators claimed video clip footage from the crash showed a bird was very near the right-side air consumption of the airplane’s single engine throughout launch. It’s possible the bird struck the air intake, the record suggested.

Such strikes are not uncommon. As a matter of regular, flight coordinators are expected to take cautious safety measures against bird strikes, specifically throughout migratory period.

Video of the crash taken by an eyewitness shows the jet was climbing up prior to what appears to be an engine flameout. Afterwards factor, the airplane turned as well as went into a high nose dive before striking the ground in a household area.

Both Casey and also the pilot, Capt. Richard MacDougall, ejected. MacDougall was hurt but is expected to make a full recovery.

The aircraft was damaged on influence.

“The examination is focusing on environmental factors (birdstrike) along with the efficiency of the getaway system,” stated the report.

The report’s concentrate on the ejection system is considerable.

The approximately 50-year-old aircrafts were geared up originally with Weber CL-41 ejection seats which have since been modified.

Snowbirds safety system was supposed to be upgraded

The safety system was as a result of be changed in 2015 with a more modern variation throughout the life-extension program for the Snowbirds fleet. That hasn’t happened.

The Department of National Defence (DND) was asked Monday whether any additional alterations had actually been made to the airplane’s existing seat, or if the seat had been changed.

A spokesperson stated an evaluation of a substitute was conducted in 2016.

“It was established that one of the most effective way to boost the system would certainly be via a parachute upgrade program, which will certainly determine and also evaluate candidate canopy layouts, carry out testing for airworthiness clearance, and at some point implement a new parachute system in the CT-114,” said Jessica Lamirande in an e-mail.

“We are still extremely early in the task.”

‘Anomalies’ with the ejector seat

Questions were inquired about the ejection system complying with the accident of an additional Snowbird jet in October 2019. The pilot in that accident reported “abnormalities” with the seat throughout the event. It’s still unclear what took place throughout that scenic tour in Georgia, yet the pilot managed to survive the loss of the jet.

Almost 11 years back, the entire Snowbird fleet was based due to problems with the ejection seat system.

Michael Byers, a protection expert at the University of British Columbia who has created extensively regarding the CT-114 Tutors, said he questions if the reason for the accident may have something to do with the age of the devices.

“The Tutor jets are, as the RCAF repetitively ensures us, extremely well kept,” claimed Byers. “Yet they were created six decades ago, with the technologies offered at that time.”

The jets was because of retire in 2010, but that due date was included 2020.

‘These risks are significant’

An internal DND research study advised that the jets’ lifespan need to be expanded only if definitely essential and firmly insisted that the fleet be changed “immediately.”

“With each passing year, the technical, safety and also economic risk related to extended the Tutor into its fifth decade and also beyond will rise,” stated the August 2003 report, which was obtained and reported on by The Canadian Press. “These threats are significant; nonetheless, they are not conveniently measured.”

The examination right into the accident in Kamloops continues. Maybe months before a final verdict on the exact root cause of the accident is released.

“During any type of Flight Safety investigation, we focus on completing an extensive, exact as well as specialist investigation. While we might rapidly understand what occurred in a mishap, the most tough job of an examination begins as we peel off back the layers to understand why and how this took place,” said Col. John Alexander, the air force’s supervisor of trip security.

“We are laser-focused to comprehending everything we can concerning the crash so we can suggest effective preventative steps to help reduce the risk of future occurrences.”

The Snowbirds have been based considering that the collision.

When the accident took place, the demonstration group was taking part in a cross-Canada trip to raise the spirits of Canadians as well as admire front-line employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.